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Services to road hauliers

For your transportation needs we provide the following services:

Administrative assistance contracts to cover all management and administrative costs relating to your particular transportation needs.

Prompt and efficient support for hauliers (route research, provision of logistical services, management of escort work, both police and private escort vehicles…)

• Motorbike escort company with experienced personnel.

Some transport management jobs under our belt:

• Trip planning for the transport of a yankee cylinder for the ICT factory at Pannes (37m long, 5.72m wide, 6.74m high and 227 tonnes). see photos

• Participating in the organisation of the transports needed for the construction of the 3CB electricity power station at Bayet, amongst which was the alternator (a transport that was 79m long, 4.98m wide, 4.90m high and 568 tonnes). see photos

• Logistics for the London Eye pods manufactured by Sigma (a subsidiary of Pomagalski).

• Transportation of ATR72 fuselages to the Aerospace assembly centre.

• Delivery of Eurostar rail coaches to the Eurotunnel site at Coquelles.

• Delivery of Mulhouse’s Alstom tramway .

• Transportation of an Alcatel space telescope to Milan airport.

• Participation in the transportation logistics of a Total refinery column to the Mede (Marseilles).

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